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Gift Card Code Use Regulations

1. The Purchase generates a Gift Card Code that is meant to be handed over to a different person to be used on New orders only.
2. The Gift Card Code cannot be redeemed by the person that purchased it.
3. The Gift Card Code can be used by Newly registered Customers (no Active Services and Products).
5. The initial purchase amount and the value of the Gift Card Code are not refundable. 
6. Gift card code will be applied automatically to eligible orders during the checkout process.
7. You must pay for any remaining balance on your order with another payment method if due.
8. Dedicated Private Servers and Custom Services cannot be purchased using the Code.
9. The operator reserves the right to cancel the Orders that breach those Terms with no right to refund.
10. The code in the Gift Cast is valid till the end of 2022.

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