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1. Go to site and click “Get Started Now”

2. Create account or login with Github or Google or Facebook. If required confirm your account from your e-mail.

3. Put name of your application, select platform ( iOS or Android ) and click button “Next: Configure Your Platform”

4. Now will you see this screen. Don’t disable this window and don’t click button “Next”!

5. Go and click button “Get started” and login with your google account.

6. Click button “Create a project”

7. Enter name for your project and click button “Continue”

8. Click button “Continue”

9. Choose Default Account for Firebase and click button “Create project”

10. Click button “Continue”

11. Click settings icon and choose “Project settings”

12. Choose “Cloud Messaging”

13. Copy “Server key”

14. And paste it to “Firebase Server Key”. Don’t disable this window and don’t click Next!

15. Copy Sender ID and send it to us.

16. Paste it also to Firebase Sender ID and click button “Next”

17. Choose “Native Android” and click button “Next”

18. Click button “Save”

19. Click button “Leave Setup”

20. Click “Keys & IDs”

21. Copy ONESIGNAL APP ID and send it to us.

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